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Pets: Image and Likeness
Exhibition Project
2019 LAMOSA and Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca

This exhibition project consists of relating the animal world to our current society, departing from certain key elements of culture, in order to build a situation that makes it possible to imagine new correspondences. For this purpose, I make use of works of my own production, as well as of various everyday objects, documents and works of art, being lent by artists, students, citizens, private and public institutions.
The starting hypothesis is to investigate how the animal world has come to be domesticated, with the purpose of, beyond providing us with company, extracting a practical and ideological benefit. From the antagonism that formulates the title, I propose a project that is structured around the different functions that animals perform, understood as representations that materialize meaning and as tools that are used for the constant rewriting of human action on mythology, evolution, colonization and conservation.
The framework of work is situated in the context of the city of Cuenca and its surroundings, which allow me to think globally and act locally, generating a space of thought and dialogue between different institutions and citizens, between life and art, the public space and the museum. Being aware of my subjectivity in thematic choice, I used multiple elements that have their own internal logic to destabilize—by way of the exhibition—ancient stories and ideological positions and include other issues under an economy of materials, media and methodologies. In this way I am interested in creating a situation where objects, documents, works of art and other materials that tell us about a distant past and are projected towards the future coexist. All of them come from the most diverse areas and range from the replica of a dinosaur of the Paleontological Museum, to found objects or the plaster copy of the relief of a column of the Cathedral, to pieces created and given by citizens as ceramics, cages, photographs and stories. The idea is to show a wide variety of heterogeneous elements that allow us to explore from our present, how certain passages of history, religion, science, politics and popular culture are confronted and subverted. 
With the collaboration of: 
Diocesan Archive of Cuenca / Biblioteca del Seminario / Library of the UCLM / Cathedral of Cuenca / Collection Parkett, Faculty of Fine Arts, UCLM / Collection MIDE / Private collections / The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development (CLM) Department of Wildlife / Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Castilla-La Mancha / Foundation Antonio Pérez - Diputación de Cuenca / Foundation Juan March - Museo de Arte Abstracto Español / I.E.S. Alfonso VIII - Instituto Histórico: Museo Juan Giménez de Aguilar / Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha / Museo de Cuenca / Museo de las Ciencias / Museo Paleontológico / Museo Tesoro Catedral / Parque Natural de la Serranía de Cuenca, Parque Cinegético El Hosquillo / Students of Fine Arts / Antía Rodríguez, Lois Anxo Cid and José Manuel Parada / Antonio Corrales / Engracia Villalgordo / Fernando Buenache / Fuen de Miguel / Heliodoro Cordente Martínez / Ivan Pinto / José Pérez Herraiz / José Luis Martínez Gómez / Miguel Romero / Óscar Martínez Martín / Patricia Pérez / Paz López López y María Arribas López / Ricardo Cadenas / Santiago Crespo / Sheyla Gascón / Valentina Martínez / Verónica Moreno and Daniel Raposo