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Asignación Renovada: Ibsenstrasse 53, 10439 Berlin // Renovated Assignation: Ibsenstrasse 53, 10439 Berlin
En esta serie de obras se alquilan Ateliers para que sus propietarios hagan uso del espacio que me alquilan. //
In this series of works I did rent several ateliers. The atelier owner should continue to use the space she/he rented to me.

Renewed assignation – Agreement

Lessor: Rudi Szameit
Tenant: Raúl Hidalgo
Adress: Ibsenstrasse 53, 10439 Berlin

The space rented consists of:
¼ of a 40m2 room with WC.
Electricity and heat included.

The hiring time begins on the: 25.09.06
and ends on the: 25.10.06

Activity during the rent:
Enlargement of the workshop.

Date: 25.09.06

This document confirms that the tenant does concede the room to the lessor.