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States in Transformation 
Cuenca, March 5 and April 16, 2018
Participants: Ana Utrilla, Carmen Gómez, Carmen Rovina, Javier Montero, Karen Medina, Larissa León, Lill Hansen, Lucía López, Luis San Gregorio, María Alcocer, Paz Cicuéndez, Marta Escoz, Paula Pérez, Paula Salto, Ramona Schmidt, Santiago Crespo, Sara Miras, Silvia Laguna

Movement 1: Collect water from the nearest river.
Movement 2: Each participant will freeze the water in a recycled plastic container.
Movement 3: Return the frozen water to the river on different bridges.
A route will be drawn to attend the event of water restitution.

The water from the river is a matter that flows and shapes the territory and life. Displacing this water into our freezer is not a simple action. It is displacing and freezing the "being" of the river. Choose a bridge from which to return this transformed body is to seek our own place in action and nature to which we belong. Your search is to be carried out through the experience of landscape, following the impulse of the attention that we put in searching ourselves. In the act of restitution we make, we must find the just equation that defines us, the formula capable of basing us as subjects, at the same time our block of ice is back to integrate and flow into the river. In this way, the block will again be indistinguishable (thawed) and part of nature, where we extracted it from, just as we are part of it. Carrying out this activity is to put our senses and sensibility into play, it will be a direct and unique confrontation with the river and the hypothesis that is revealed to us what our place is, by little we can delve into.

Tolosa Latour